Another trading contest from Dukascopy

Dukascopy started a new contest this month. This contest is manual trading only on a demo account with no cash commitment by contestants. The twist is that the ranking is determined not only by your demo account balance, but also the total pips gained, popularity, and scoring by Dukascopy's judges. Each trade in the contest needs to be commented by the contestant through the JForex trading platform (when you submit an order the platform asks you for a comment). See my contest page for comment examples (shameless plug). About half of your score is based on these trade comments as they are the basis for generating popularity points and the Dukascopy judges' final evaluation. I can see the potential in this contest as it offers transparency and encourages interactions rather than let everyone just gamble away. However, most of the trade comments now are meaningless as it's clear that you can generate buzz simply by making ridiculous gains. Perhaps this might change after this month's final ranking is released as it is not clear how Dukascopy will allocate each contestant's 25% of points. The judging by Dukascopy can effectively bump or dump you a few ranking. The incentive to do this is the USD \$15,000 'cash' prizes to be won every month just like the Dukascopy Strategy Contest. And similarly, these 'cash' prizes are deposited into the winner's Dukascopy trading account with a withholding period. So they're forcing you to open an account with them if you win, which is understandable as this is a marketing effort. For information or registration in the contest, visit the Dukascopy website and navigate to the Trader Contest page.