Automatic trading medium and long terms

[][] By now, it's obvious that day trading is too dynamic for a simple system to cope with because of the noise. Yet, not all hopes are lost. Swing and long term trading poses a viable alternative. In the 135 min. ER2 example above, the Stochastic and CCI signals I've been using seem pretty reliable. I think I will focus on developing systems for medium term (a few days) trading from now on.

I'm inclined to trade ER2 after today's lost from the Dow because of MM manipulation. The big indexes are too easily manipulated and are drawing too much attention. Too many professional players are involved in the big indexes, so making a living out of them may be difficult.

ER2's 135 min ATR is about 6 - 7 points (\$600 - \$700 on the mini). The swings can be about 80 points, or \$8000. This is too much for me at the moment. So I'll have to wait until I can get more capital. I'm focusing to trade Gold and Soybean for now.