Beginning of another bull phase? Asian markets are on fire!

Nikkei (+3.39%), Hang Seng (+4.78%), Shanghai (+1.95%), All Ordinaries (+2.29%), just to name a few. Every asian market is up 2 - 4% on Monday. Fueled by these new influx of cash, the S&P emini is up about 20 points to 784! There're certainly a lot of excitement in the air today. Heck, I felt like wanting to chase the gap up for TCK too. TCK is now trading around \$5 in the pre-market.

But no, I shall stick with my plan and be patience. I will be disciplined and wait for the critical 800 level to materialize then watch how the market reacts at that level. All this excitement means nothing if we can't even push above 800 in this bull phase. If the market fails to push above 800 in this leg of optimism (within next few days), then it's the more reason we're heading down deep. On the other hand, if this really is the start of another bull run, then I'll definitely be missing a lot of action. But heck, I'd rather be safe.

[caption id="attachment_1120" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="S&P500 emini"]S&P500 emini[/caption]