BOUGHT +2 TCK 100 NOV 08 5 CALL @1.00

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Just a plethora of horrible news for TCK lately. Last week on 11/11, Financial Post published an article about it. TCK gapped down on 11/12. Even the Motley Fool has an article titled "What the Heck, Teck?"

TCK share price seem to be settling in \$5 - \$6. So why the heck am I long now? Ignoring the hypes, the fundamentals of TCK still stand. See the Motley Fool article. It has \$2.7 cash/share and 0.17 debt/equity ratio. Granted, it took on \$9.8 billion of debt recently, about 4 times its current market cap.!

The technicals though, are looking good. On the daily chart, the VW-MACD is showing a positive divergence. The CO has reached an unprecedented low and is just heading back up.

Furthermore, the commodities are showing signs of a positive divergence too.

Upside: In addition to the above, Max Pain is at \$30 (\$10 for CBOE data) for November! Yes, \$30!

Resistance: \$6

Downside: Same reasons why TCK has dropped from \$30 to \$5. Possibility of defaulting on massive loan.

Support: \$5

Bottom line: Max pain at \$30 when we're just below \$6! TCK is a diversified miner, a value producing company. TCK and ABB are now my top choices in this struggling economy.

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