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It's interesting to see that my prediction as pretty accurate this morning. We are in fact trading in the 845 - 870 level on the S&P. After having so many large swing days in the market, this is good that we're taking a breather. And then get ready for some more big moves probably after the US Thanksgiving holiday.

One stock that's been lackluster lately is TCK. It is clearly not a stock in-play at the moment. This is a huge contrast to the times earlier when lots of bad news were hitting TCK and the share price tanked. While being out of sight likely, the price continued to drift down to some new lows. Unlike many of the players in the market, there just isn't much swing in TCK even though we've been moving like 50 points on the S&P on a daily basis.

Upside: This record low price level and the lack of interest in the stock. It has to move one way or the other some time. Even though I have a bullish bias in TCK, I am using an options strangle to hedge my position. Just in case.

Downside: We might be stuck inbetween my breakeven price of 1.97 and 5.53 until December. The exact premium paid was 0.27 for the 2.5 Put and 0.26 for the 5 Call.

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