Bought 300 VEN.TO @ 8.95, Stop 8.80

Update Oct 20: I raised my stop to 9.10 this moring. It got stopped out 2 minutes before the close for a small profit. Following the covering of my short side play this morning, I sneaked back in to the gold bug camp. In particular, I bought some of my recent favourite gold miner, Ventana Gold Corp. (VEN.TO), a few minutes before the close. Gold held on to the 1330 support as I've discussed this morning (see gold chart in this morning's post). I also watched the closing 30 minutes of the market and VEN.TO respected its 8.90 support level too. See Figure 1. There was a brief touch below 8.90 but it pushed back up quickly (not shown). This is a play inline with the direction of the recent rally. Just riding the trend. Nothing fancy. Hard stop is \$8.80. Mental stop is \$8.88. Maximum risk is (\$8.95 - \$8.80) * 300 = \$45 + \$9.90 commission = \$54.90 = 0.5% of account. There's a risk of another gap down open tomorrow. So my position is small in case the market runs away overnight.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Ventana Gold Corp. (VEN.TO)"][][][/caption]