BOUGHT +90 DELL @16.49

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In recent years, I've started to like Dell computers more and more. Their laptops has been well priced and quality built (I don't have much experience with their other products). Their recent introduction of the Dell Mini 9, for example, shows great management on many levels. It is a solid product that addresses the competitors' problems, at a competitive price, and timed well for an entry when netbook is starting to prove to be more than just a fad with real market potentials.

Dell is a company I'd like to hold for the long term just because I like them so much.

Upside: PE at 12.32. Indicators buy setup, see daily graph. Michael Dell bought \$100 million worth of shares above \$20 on Sept 4/5.

Resistance: Sept 19 high of around \$18.50

Downside: Recession, low demand, stiffer competitions. Taiwanese computer manufacturers like Asus, Acer, and MSI are stepping into Dell's territory.

Support: Sept 19 low of \$15.50

Bottom line: Just like their products, I feel that DELL offers real value.

Target: 50 dma of \$22

Stop: \$15.00