Day trading report Jan 25, 2008: -$140

[][]The keltner + stochastic strategy seems good. However, I still lost money today.

Two reasons really:

  1. my stops are too tight
  2. YM is too choppy

I have cut down on erraneous trades but the false positives on the long side today caught me many times. I don't think I'll be trading the Dow from now on. Furthermore, the more I day trade, the more I want to develop a trading system for mechanical trading. Day trading is giving me experience and ideas for new strategies. I will get back on programming soon.

I have enabled CME data and will try the ER2 next week. I decided to move to ER2 like I've always planned on. The only reason I haven't done so earlier is that the stake is a lot higher there. But if I can trade better there, then it'll be better than letting YM eat up a bit here and a bit there even though it's \$5/pt. On the same day, here's the graph for ER2. Notice that it's much nicer and fewer false signals, aka MM traps.

[][] And here's my performance report from today.


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