March 2010 Trading Review

It is that time of the month again when I do my trading performance review. However, I did not make any trade this month. Not because I was procrastinating, but I spent all of my time this month to work on my quantitative projects. This review will be a recap of my backend trading development. I said in my last month's performance review that my goal for March is "to write a rudimentary data analysis and visualization program for historical forex data." Well, I finished half of it and then realized that I need a better design for the software. So I studied yet another programming book (finished 3 programming books this month), on object oriented design and analysis. The other major event for me this month is that I finally opened a self-directed RRSP account at Questrade because the tax benefit is too good to pass. Consequently, I am starting to study the Canadian stock market for trading with a conservative, intermediate-term manner (not buy and hold though). Lastly, it seems that I might be back to trading forex sooner than I have thought. I signed up for an automated trading contest at Dukascopy earlier this week. Since they are offering a cash prize, I thought I might as well reschedule and work on my forex stuff now. I will write more on this topic at another time.