Paper trade: Long CADJPY @ 86.88, Stop 86.10, Target 88.0

I entered CADJPY long at market for 86.88 just now. This is a continuation of my previous USDCAD short position. However, USDJPY is on a run upward so I'm switching to go long on the loonie with yen instead. Figure 1 shows the daily chart of CADJPY. Notice the imminent MACD bullish crossover and the already in-play stochastic upturn. I like it. My stop loss level is set at 86.10. It's the high of a previous peak on February 3, two weeks ago. My target is the round number 88 resistance. 88.0 has been an important price level for CADJPY for the past few months. So I'm setting my sight there.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="CADJPY, daily"][][][/caption]

Figure 2 shows my timing for this entry. CADJPY is noticeably meeting some resistance at 87.50. 87.50 is also the 61.8% Fibonacci level of a recent down move. This is a cause for concern on my long position as we could very well retrace here. However, the bullishness of CADJPY is apparent in Figure 2. Prices have consistently been bought for the past few days right on the short term moving average (teal line). Furthermore, the intermediate term moving average (orange line) is about to cross the long term moving average (red line) as I enter this position.

Lastly, gold price has taken a dive from 1130 to 1100. Meanwhile, crude oil price is holding the 77 support nicely. Thus, this confirm my previous view that oil has better upside than gold in the intermediate term. Which is why I've been trading the loonie these past weeks.

For this particular CADJPY trade, I have another buy order waiting above current support level to add to my long position. Let's see if CADJPY can break decisively to the upside in the next 24 hours as US and Canadian data comes out.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="CADJPY, 4-hour"][]1[/caption]