Paper Trade: Long GBPJPY @ 144.24, Stop 143.60, Target 148

My previous short-side setup on GBP/JPY played out beautifully. Yet I wasn't able to ride it down because I got stopped out on a stop-hunt counter-move before the dive, see Fig. 1. Now that GBP/JPY has reached its other end. I am betting for it to go reverse with a long position. I expect this move to be more fierce with more upside potential as it's in the direction of the long term up trend. Some people are calling the top has been printed in the markets and the wind is now blowing the other way. I am not one to guess what the market is about to do. So it's business as usual until the trendline is broken. What I really like about this setup is that GBP/JPY is testing a double trendline cross on the weekly, Fig. 2. Secondly, the 3-hour chart of Figure 1 is showing a RSI positive divergence on this test of the long term support. I am quite confident of this setup. However, I am not confident about the timing as GBP/JPY is known to be a wild horse and volatility could very well stop me out, like last time. With British preliminary GDP number coming out in about 6 hours, it might have been wiser to wait until the after that to enter. On top of that, the markets have been on a stall for the last few days waiting for data in the next 48 hours. End-of-week volatility this week is expected to be significant. Anyway, I've put in a position already and will just let it run. This a small initial position with 0.1% of my account at risk. I have also placed limit orders above resistances to add to this position. We'll how this turns out soon enough. Lastly, even though I said I've been cut off from trading at my day job. It doesn't mean I'm completely out of the game. I just have to adapt my manual trading strategy while my automated system is still in development. Basically meaning that I'll trade with a slower timeframe for longer-term moves. All the better, as longer term moves are generally less deceptive. Update: I closed this at 146.42 for +140 pips gain the next day.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="GBP/JPY, 3-hour"][][][/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="GBP/JPY, weekly"][]1[/caption]