Paper trade: Short USDCAD @ 1.0671, Stop 1.0756, Target 1.05761

Perhaps third times' the charm? I tried to short USDCAD twice last week already. Both times I've been stopped out for a total of -0.2% of account loss. My intermediate term analysis remains the same as before. So I won't repeat myself here. Entry signal for this particular short is shown in Figure 1. I'm just using the 4-hour chart as I have a well defined (recent top) stop this time. I compensate with a smaller position size to limit my risk to 0.1%. Reward / Risk = (1.05761 - 1.0671) / (1.0671 - 1.0756) = 1.11 [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="USD/CAD, 4-hour"][][][/caption]