Paper trade: Stopped USDCAD short @ 1.0540 for +131 pips

Finally a profitable trade in my USDCAD short after being stopped out a few times. My decision last week to hold this for longer after USDCAD touched my target paid off. I moved my stop closer last Thursday evening and the order got filled on Friday. However, as I type this on the following Monday, USDCAD is trading even lower at 1.0478. It looks as though my original target of 1.0415 is in the cards. Even though this is a profitable trade with a 0.17% gain in my demo account, there is one major flaw with this short USDCAD play. I was not able to squeeze more out of this profitable move. As I've said, this short took a few tries. In fact, if we consider all the entires and exits of this play. My stopped out losses totaled 0.29% and my single win here is merely 0.17%. So I'm actually at a net loss of 0.12% from all these work. My win/loss rate is about 40% based on my review of recent forex trades. I was able to edge out more than 10% profit in four months because when I am wrong, I take small steps. But when I'm right, I pile into a position. Ever since my trading environment has changed, I've been trying to trade a longer timeframe. This USDCAD short is my first attempt on a new strategy. Evidently, I will need to re-think and re-learn what I've become accustomed to in the past few months. One of the necessary trait of a successful trader is to be able to adapt. Markets change. Traders need to evolve with the markets or they will become obsolete. This will be a good test of myself to see if I can re-invent myself to adapt to a changing trading environment. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="USDCAD, 3-hour"][][][/caption]