Parabolic 30/60 version 2 needed

Upon further analysis, the Parabolic 30/60 system is deemed unviable in real trading for the following reasons.

  1. 30m lag time creates big drawdown in a volitile market.
  2. Small winnings and big loses frequent because of above.
  3. Sideways action create too many trades that go nowhere. As in the recent price action of GC.

Perhaps it might work upon further refinement based on quantitative analysis. But from looking at the past 9 days of GC price, this method in its current form doesn't seem so good anymore. The main problem is that my account is limited so the big drawdown factor alone would end it.

However, it may be possible to use independent acceleration factor (AF) for the upswing and downswing to better capture the price action. This is because prices typically climb slow and dive like a bomb. A systemic testing is needed to further investigate this method.