Reversal with Stochastic, CCI and Keltner Channel strategy

This is a trading strategy to catch a turn in trend using Stochastic, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), and Keltner Channel. Here's the concept. Enter position on concurrent signals from the following indicators. CCI (which marks a turn), Stochastic (in corresponding overbought or oversold zone for confirmation), and Keltner channel (relative position of the current price) signals. To avoid hunting for tops or bottoms in a strong move, do not enter if the current trend is obviously opposite of the entry position. That can probably be filtered by a 2-ema technique, MACD, or by analyzing a higher time frame. Below are two example charts with all the indicators used illustrated along with the entry signals. Blue dots for long entry, red for short. If you like this strategy, subscribe to my free RSS feed to receive the latest updates on my other trading signals.