SOLD -120 SLW @5.15033

Blood on the market again. I've dumped my SLW since it broke my stop of \$5.30 cleanly at the open. I wouldn't touch it again until SLW can clear above \$5.40 or below \$4.70.

I bought this position for \$5.73 a few days ago. That's a net loss, with commission, of \$49.60. Add to the fact that SLW once rose to \$6.40 between now and when I bought. I have once again let profits turn to losses.

In hindsight, the low volume top on Jan 9th followed by a gap downthe next day should be strong warning sign. Then a hard stop should be placed at the support of Jan 10th at about \$5.65.

[caption id="attachment_1032" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Silver Wheaton"]Silver Wheaton[/caption]