Sold -2 RTH 100 AUG 09 85 PUT @2.00 Mark 84.07

The market is finally starting to ease this week. But RTH is holding its fort pretty well so far. So I placed a stop in the morning at the original stop of \$83.91. I got stopped out right at 3pm when we have our usual last hour lift. However, my COF puts remain in case the weakness continues.

In hindsight, this trade was bad. The entry was good. But I screwed up on the exit. When RTH gapped higher (passing my stop) the day after I entered, I should have looked for an exit. The opportune time to ditch was on August 5th when RTH backed down to test \$82 briefly but held its ground to a higher close.

Once my stop is hit, my priority should be to look for an exit to minimize my loss.

Total loss for this trade is (\$3.30 - \$2.00) x 100 x 2 + \$15 = \$275!

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