Sold 200 LLL.TO @ 48.00, Profit +1.9%

I'm out of my Lululemon position minutes prior to the close. Holding time was just a day. I would have liked to hold this position for longer but the market is directionless. In addition, the stop hunt on the shorts in LLL.TO is unmistakable as seen in Figure 1. Option expiration is this Friday. So I'm taking my profit now prior to expected volatility. A reward/risk of 2 to 1 is too tempting to let go. However, LLL.TO is pushing higher into the close. So perhaps this is yet another lack of patience on my part. Update Nov 18: Yes, I was too early indeed. LLL.TO gapped upward the day after my exit. Option pain is pegged at \$45 on the American shares (NASDAQ:LULU). LULU is trading just above \$47 as I close my position. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Lululemon (LLL.TO)"][][][/caption] Profit is (\$48.00 - \$47.04) * 200 = \$192 - \$9.90 commission = \$182.1 = 1.9% of account. It's fortunate that I'm able to bounce right back to regain most of my losses in my worst trade this year within a week.