Sold 4 MFC 10OCT Puts 17.00 @ @1.43, Mark $16.27, Loss -0.5%

Not much is happening in the market as it is trading in a tight range. This is not good for my options as the time delta will slowly eating away my premium. So I've decided to unload this position at a small loss just now as the market is testing support across the board. The U.S. dollar index is testing \$86 resistance. Oil is testing \$78 support. S&P500 is testing the 1070 support zone. Purchase price for these puts were \$1.48 per contract last Wednesday. When Manulife Financial (MFC.TO) was trading at 16.38. Loss is (\$1.48 - \$1.43) * 100 * 4 = \$20 - \$13.95 * 2 commission = \$47.90 = 0.5% of account. As you can see, the commission is horrible on my RRSP trading account at Questrade. I will wind down trading options from now on and move back to trading forex in the summer. My live account at Dukascopy is ready... Update: The market finally broke support the day after this exit. This was not a good exit as I lost patience. MFC is testing \$16 support on June 29th opening hour and I don't expect it to hold. This could turn out to be a winner if I had held.

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