Still waiting on the sideside in my RRSP

As much as I rant about trading and forex, a big portion of my investment funds are in a Questrade RRSP trading account for the long haul. However, that account has been dormant for a few weeks now. The money is just sitting there, not even making any interest. The reason is that I am just not seeing any long-term opportunity on either long or short just yet. Even though the month of September started well after Labour Day, as the market is inching higher, the long term picture is still unclear. Figure 1 below clearly shows that not much has really happened for the whole year. There was a lot of volatility as TSX swings up and down a thousand points now and then. Evidently, a buy-and-hold strategy wouldn't have been doing too well this year. As such, I am waiting with no position in hand. At least I'm not going all out shorting the equity market anymore.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="TSX weekly chart"][][][/caption]