Starting manual day trading

[][]I will day trade manually for a short period to gain some experience while I develop my auto system. The market I've chosen is YM (mini Dow) for the short term, ZG (CBOT Gold) for the longer term, and Corn for the long long term.

YM is on CBOT, so I wouldn't have to shell out another \$55 for the NYMEX data. It's also a more popular/mature market than ER2 so I can obtain fundamental analysis easier to complement my technical analysis. The recent price action is also very predictable.

For example, the marked spot on the left graph is a potential strategy. Notice the breakdown of the TRIX corresponds with an imminent breakdown of the price. This is just one example. But observing price pattern and TRIX pattern seems to be useful.

For my other two choices.

Gold is hot at the moment, so there could be huge swings. It's now around \$890 and I'm expecting a correction based on the fundamentals. I'll watch the price pattern and indicators to time my entry.

Corn is on a run for the past 3 months. It has low margin requirement (\~\$1000) and the price are quite consistent. So waiting for breakout/down can riding the trend could be a long term profitable trade.