GE: Short stop entry @ $13.00

I've entered a short stop order just now set at \$13.00. GE is hovering above \$13.10 now. S&P500 bounced back about 1.3% today, as of this writing, after yesterday's raid. However, S&P500 merely tested 900 and failed to go above it. This is definitely a strong sign for the bears.

Thus, I have decided to add to my short with GE. Why GE? See for yourself in the figures below. It satisfy my usual criteria for a setup. In addition, the risk/reward is great!

Entry stop: \$13.00.

Exit stop: \$13.30, short term resistance.

Target: \$10, nice round number just above the long term trendline.

Reward / risk = \$3 / \$0.30 = 10 > 3.

In Figure 1, note the symmetry in the daily chart. The test of resistance below \$15 failed miserably. Also note the Chaikin in the weekly for a huge negative divergence.

For Figure 3, observe that the recent uptrend is breaking. My entry of \$13 is at the 25% point within the channel and it's a recent support.

Update: My order is filled at 15:38 for average of \$13.0042308 for 78 shares.

Update 2: I was stopped out at \$13.30 on Monday, May 18 at 10:23 am.

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Posted 14 May 2009 in stocks.