What aspiring traders can learn from an Olympic athlete

Tales of great traders like Jesse Livermore, Paul Tudor Jones, or George Soros are inspirational. But there may come a time when a trader look at their trading performance over the years and say to themselves, "Why am I wasting my time with these average returns? I could never be like them!" For amateur traders such as myself that hasn't "made it yet" but haven't gone bankrupt yet either, finding the energy to grind this out year after year is not a trivial task. I have attempted to answer this question myself in my [About page][]. Then last week, I came across a quote by an Olympic athlete whom has said it more succinctly than ever. Here's what she said. > "I look back, I used to think I was really good but I wasn't. That's > okay. Everyone has a different path. Some people are really good when > they're young. Some people aren't. If you like it and you want to keep > doing it, just do it." [Kristina Groves][], Canadian speedskater If you like it and you want to keep doing it, just do it. Like an athlete that finishes last in the line or an artist without a clientele, I am trading because this is what I love doing. It doesn't matter to me if I am not wheeling cash to the bank yet. As long as I'm not doing more harm than good to my bank account, I will continue trading. Simply because this is what I love doing. Source: *thestar.com* -- Kristina Groves: Big heart, big results