Soybean taking a breather for a climb or fall?

[][]Soybean went as low as \$1244 and then closed at \$1263 today. The break of the MACD and Stochastic didn't produce a strong pullback as I have hoped. However, one thing for certain is that by the time even I am sure it's going to fall, it would have been too late.

I almost entered a short position today. But held back because I am taking enough risk already with the 4 gold contracts. If I'm to cover 2 fewer Gold shorts, then I may enter a Soybean.

Looking at the past year of history, it seems that Soybean corrections precede Gold corrections. Coincidence? They seem to be controlled as a hedge by HB&B. A big drop in prices should come when these people unload their holdings back into the equities. i.e. near the bottom of this bear market.


Soybean topping too

[][]Soybean may be topping this or next week. However, rather than enter a short now, I'll probably wait for a retracement. The ATR of soybean is too much risk for me at the moment, each point move is \$50. A bad day in soybean would pose a \$3000 paper lost even inside trading range.


Soybean move followed market today

[][] The price of soybean followed the Dow pretty well today. The bottom is about 8 minutes after the Dow. Coincidence? I think not. HB&B are obviously milking the public.


Soybean ready to tank?

[][]Soybean may present an opportunity I wouldn't want to miss. It is current trading at a 34-year high. How long can this continue? Both gold and grains seem to be making record highs. Is this a shorting opportunity? I'll watch the 3 markets closely.

On another note, many famous traders seem to have made their first pot of gold on soybean futures.