I am creating a business with a 20-year vision that balances work success with personal happiness. My goal is to help all of our employees and their families live fulfilling lives while achieving professional growth.

  1. People Over Profit: Supportive, balanced, and inclusive work culture over maximizing short-term profits.

  2. Steady Growth Over Rapid Expansion: Organic, sustainable growth over hasty scaling.

  3. Customer Partnership Over Market Assumptions: Continuous engagement and feedback from customers over untested market hypotheses.

  4. Diverse Teams Over Homogeneous Leadership: Inclusive, diverse teams over uniformity in viewpoints.

  5. Work-Life Balance Over Constant Hustle: Enabling fulfilling personal lives over relentless workplace demands.

  6. Achieving Cash Flow Over Raising Capital: Building positive cash flow and financial self-sufficiency over reliance on external funding.

  7. Transparency Over Secrecy: Open communication over opaque decision-making.