Simplifying Step Functions and Stepwise: Lessons Learned and a New Approach
Moving from Lambda to SageMaker for inference


Paul as a manager


Dealing with On-Call Anxiety at a Startup
Orchestrating Pizza-Making: A Tutorial for AWS Step Functions with Stepwise
Took me 4 years to realize we'd been orchestrating workflows


We are hiring a ClojureScript developer in Africa


A Call to Scandinavian Investigative Journalists
Facebook-Loving Farmers of Mozambique
Immersing with Users in Mozambique


Tableside Open Source Collaboration
Coffee Chats with Founders Around the World
Running a server on Microsoft Azure: A UX report
19:57 from Castro to Twin Peaks
A magical promise of releasing your data and keeping everyone's privacy
Difference Between Never Did It and Did It
What is water: Avoiding a common pitfall to customer discovery
Moving on


My slides from Docker Boston meetup on Using Fig for Developing Microservices
4 Disciplines Necessary in Building a Startup
Simple, easy, quick: using Go along with Clojure
More problem solving, less solution glorifying
Finding Product/Market Fit Faster With Microeconomics First Principles


What I learned from 2 years of 'data sciencing'
Event-driven finite state machine for a distributed trading system
Post gone viral, 16000 visitors in a day, how many actually read the article?
How a few screws cost $2000 and a 240GB multinodes cluster cost $50
What should I work on next for Cascalog?
Securing a fresh Ubuntu server with Fabric tasks
Unconfusing false-positive and false-negative statistical errors confusion


Unlock Lisp sorcery in your data structure by implementing Clojure ISeq
Recommendation discovery via graph traversal
A hypothetical data analysis platform
I construct models, not theories
My talk at OR54 on knowledge discovery with web log data
R language lacks consistency
Quantisan.com is now compiled and statically served
People is the biggest obstacle to becoming a data-driven organisation
Data science is a collaborative effort
My talk on bootstrapping data science in a company
Cascalog-checkpoint: Fault-tolerant MapReduce Topologies
A weather station data scrapper in R
My 5 minute lightning talk on Cascalog
Ask not what accuracy your algorithm achieves but what value it can add
Business is on hold


Algorithmic ownage
Eureka moment on design patterns for functional programming
Local Hadoop test cluster up and running
Building a distributed back-tester with Hadoop on Amazon AWS
Towards a broker-agnostic trading system
Vector algorithm using tree composition
Back in R&D mode
First impression of Incanter: usably incomplete
It's an open buffet in a small business
Why success starts with failure
The secret to trading system development is to fail faster
Graphs from network monitors on my remote trading server
Porting JForex QTD to Metatrader 4
Encrypting your communications to minimize eavedropping
Choosing a budget VPS provider for hosting automated trading programs
Software design, trading development process, and Ikea
Transitioning to a professional website, front and back
Joke's on us: JForex DEMO 2.13.6 is out of whack
More trouble with JForex IIndicators
Conjuring beans to simplify JForex IIndicators
Today is day 1 of Quantisan, the company
JFUtil 2.0 alpha demonstration
Just because it's math does not mean it's not without its caveats
Social media: The fourth dimension in market data
Network latency on Amazon EC2 t1.micro to Dukascopy
6 ways to filter data for your trading system
Videos of Jim Simons
The Power of Tangential Learning


Dissecting a JForex strategy -- MA_Play.java
A failed experiment with spectral density estimation in R
Anatomy of a JForex strategy, Part 2
Anatomy of a JForex strategy, Part 1
Getting started learning JForex programming
JFUtil: An open-source JForex utilities library
Where Good Ideas Come From Johnson
EC2 t1.micro overloaded by JForex
I got JForex running smoothly on Amazon EC2 t1.micro!
First time setting up JForex on Amazon EC2 t1.micro
A brief comparison of double arrays for high-performance numerical computing in Java
Rev your trading system on the cloud with a free Amazon cloud server
Maximal frustration in printing and parsing milliseconds in R
Data analysis with R: Using the right tool for the right task
Why winning automated contest strategies don't work in real trading
My interview at Dukascopy in Geneva
Pictures from Geneva
Productivity on the road
Number one with 40+ percent return in a month! So am I rich yet? Not really
On technical analysis and fuzzy logic for mechanical trading
Using your idling trading computer for a good cause
JForex Example: Automatic position sizing
JForex Example: Not letting profit turn to losses with a breakeven stop
JForex Example: Dual-Timeframe Moving Averages Setup
JForex Example: Multiple-time frame strategy
Sixth place finish in the Dukascopy JForex July strategy contest
Goodbye Microsoft
Re-learning Java a decade later
To gamble or not to gamble?
Clarification and relieve for Dukascopy JForex Strategy Contest
How to backup your data on the cloud with ease and for free
JForex StopManager 1.0
Reading the fine print for Dukascopy JForex Strategy Contest
Considering investment options for my first RRSP
From Object Oriented Programming to Object Oriented Design
A sign that you are truly enjoying what you do
Data Scraping the Toronto Stock Exchange: Extracting 3,660 companies' data
Forex Trading: Income or Capital Gain Tax in Canada?
First look at Google App Engine for automated trading and quant analysis on the cloud
40 monitors, 6 computers, 1 day trader
My first food poisoning experience
Not pay trading income taxes through a TFSA trading account
Why I am not a big fan of MQL4 or trading platform scripting
If the government won't question a blatant pyramid scheme, let fate do the job


Analysing monthly forex trading performance in changing market conditions
3 reasons why I don't use Jensen's alpha or Sharpe ratio for my forex trading
Adapting to changing market volatility with a statistical position size table
Why use .PNG image format for stock chart captures instead of .JPG or .GIF?
How Goldman Sachs Robbed You and Me of $3 Billions in 3 Months
My thoughts and goals on automated trading a year later
Starting to use MatLab for quantitative finance


4 automated trading development platforms for beginner to advanced traders
Departed TradeStation and going the Ninja Trader path
Stanford machine learning lectures and POMDP