EC2 t1.micro overloaded by JForex

My cheapskate EC2 experiment has been running well for two days. The t1.micro EC2 cloud server instance ran smoothly for over 48 hours continuously. I was starting to believe that it's possible to run a desktop trading system on Amazon's free offer. Then this happened this morning on the third day of the experiment.

EC2 t1.micro

The Micro instance cloud server experienced a processing hiccup and was never able to recover. This is it for running a desktop trading system on a t1.micro. The cheapest instance of Amazon EC2 is not enough to handle the load. The only way to get this working is to run in a command-line only mode by using the JForex API without the client platform or desktop. All that eye-candy isn't useful anyway on a remote server. Update: I'm wondering if it's the screensaver that caused the problem. I am now turning the screensaver off and trying this again. Update 2: No, it looks like it really is JForex overloading the system.