If the government won't question a blatant pyramid scheme, let fate do the job

One of the frontpage stories in my local newspaper today tells the tale of how a [Deadly crash shattered teacher's life][]. A young couple is left permanently paralyzed for one and crippled for the other. All because of "brazen and aggressive" driving of two other drivers. Alan Kippax was racing with his cousin Peter Kippax on the street. Peter lost control of his Porsche and crashed into the aforementioned young couple's Pontiac. Peter died in the crash and Alan was sentenced to be guilty of his contribution in this tragedy. While this is certainly a sad news, unfortunately, it isn't rare either. And what does it have to do on my trading blog? You see, it is actually the last line of the article that really caught my attention. > Kippax, who used to run an emerald marketing network, Ontario Treasure > Traders International, is global sales manager for Business In Motion. Business In Motion. That rings a bell in my head. Exactly a year ago, [CBC News aired an investigative journal][] on this company. In the show, PSA President Robert L. FitzPatrick concludes: > BIM is a blatant pyramid scam which – by its design > – will inflict losses on 90+% of all consumers who > are ensnared. from Pyramid Scheme Alert Alan Kippax (the one alive) was never charged or questioned in Canada regarding BIM. Even though he was convicted of fraud by the government of England in another pyramid scheme and in lieu of overwhelming evidence against him and BIM here in Canada. It is sad that it takes another tragedy to bring to justice another tragedy. Yet, I find it incredibly just that at least one more financial scam has come to an end, although in an unfortunate manner. As for Kippax. I feel no remorse for him. A loved one dies in his face and he's left alive to bear the consequences of his crime (not to the full extent, but still) in prison. How fitting is that for a scammer? (Yes, I am evil.) My questions are, why are there still so many financial scams out there, right in our backyards, in this so-called information age? Is our government deliberately turning a blind eye or are they really that incompetent? How many more [Madoff cases][] will it take for us to wake up to this problem?