Porting JForex QTD to Metatrader 4

I just finished porting Quantised Trading Desk to Metatrader 4. So that I can make use of my dormant trading account at Oanda. Seeing that Oanda has enabled use of Metatrader 4, I thought I might give them a second try. I've always preferred to have more than one active trading accounts to serve as a backup and comparison. I settled on Questrade and TD Waterhouse for stocks and options, after hopping around brokerages for years. And I've been using Dukascopy to trade forex after much contention. This is a good chance to diversify as I don't want to pigeonhole myself into one broker and one platform. The move to Metatrader 4 up until this point only took a couple of weeks as opposed to JForex version's year-long development time. This is because the underlying QTD system dynamics and algorithms were ironed out in JForex. I don't think I can finish QTD if I only had MQL4 at my disposal. Debugging and extending MQL4 scripts are a nightmare to say the least. I am so glad that I moved away from these "easy" languages. For the MQL4 version of QTD, I am merely doing a direct source code port from JForex to MQL4. MQL4, if anything else, is a very easy scripting language. I just taped out an alpha version of MT4 QTD this weekend as it is up to a stage where it is functional. However, porting QTD to MQL4 isn't without its difficulties. For one, MQL4 is tailored for simple trading with technical analysis indicators. If price move above moving average, go long, for example. Whereas QTD rely on statistics and numerical methods in its trading algorithm. As such, I had to go back to basics and define all of my numerical methods from the fundamentals. I am now moving on to do forward testing on the MT4 QTD to ensure that both the JForex and the MT4 versions work similarly. I can't wait til I can run QTD on Dukascopy and Oanda simultaneously.