We are hiring a ClojureScript developer in Africa

The InGrower Mobile App has been put to the test in the hands of a few smallholder chicken farmers in Mozambique since January 2016. We have learnt what's needed and is proceeding to the next stage of development. That's why we're looking to hire a ClojureScript developer to build the next version of our mobile app.

One of my longer term goals is to grow a distributed technical team in East Africa that can tackle various social impact challenges in the region. This first hire will play an important role in setting the direction for the team.

Link to job description

InGrower Mobile is a side business that I've been working on since September 2015. We are an early stage social enterprise in the I.C.T. for Development (smallholder farming) space. InGrower Mobile came about from my co-founder's experience operating an agri-business incubator in Mozambique since 2010. We admit unemployed individuals, then provide training and support to help them start their own agriculture business to make money. For InGrower Mobile, our product is a mobile application that takes what we learned from the past 7 years running our agri-business incubator and applying them online to make our training and support available for a wider audience across East Africa.