What should I work on next for Cascalog?

Too many things to do, too little time. I figured we can do this in a data-driven way. So here's a poll. Please only submit an entry if you use Cascalog. And only one per person. Let's see if an honour system would work.

Poll result one week later

poll result

Votes Choice
15 Self-contained documentation site, e.g. http://cascalog.quantisan.com (demo address only)
10 Improve and consolidate guides into Github wiki
11 Bring Cascalog to Cascading 2.1/2.2
8 Fix open issues
13 Add features and performance increase, e.g. new logic solver, make use of new Cascading features since 2.0
2 Other

One person voted for integrating other machine learning library into Cascalog and another to isolate system library.